Pentaho 8.2 by Hitachi Vantara is up in

The second release of Pentaho -I’m still not at ease calling it Vantara- that is made every year, has finally came on December 2nd 2018. It almost seems like a Christmas present to BI enthusiast.
Pedro Alves published (link) a summary that list interesting improvements to Big Data functionality, PDI has a Python Executor and a Jupyter (feed) Integration. CDE can also create push-based streaming dashboards. There are lots of improvements to steps, even BA user capabilities and support of OpenJDK 8 JRE in server in these release.
This are the download links. Installation is done by downloading and unzipping.

Pentaho 8.2 
@ SourceForge
BA (Web) Server 1.4GB
Destop tools:PDI (ETL) 1.2GB
PRD (Reports) 1GB
(optional)PAD (Cube Aggregation Editor)
PSW (Cube Schema Editor)
PME (Business Model Editor)

Good visualizations and good ETL transaformations


Pentaho 8.x

[Edited on may 15th 2018 for 8.1]

In sourceforge, Pentaho has been renamed “Hitachi Vantara | Pentaho”, the binaries for all projects in this version has been uploaded for the community. Pedro Alves has summarized the main features for 8.0 and 8.1.

The links to the Web server and the Desktop tools are:

Pentaho 8.1:
Pentaho 8.0:

  1. Server
    • Tomcat server to squedule jobs, grant access to run reports and jobs to users and design dashboards.
      BI Server 8.1
      BI Server 8.0 [1.2GB]
  2. Client Tools
    • Pentaho Data Integration – Best ETL you’ll find.
      PDI 8.1 [1 GB]
      PDI 8.0 [979.8 MB]
    • Pentaho Report Designer. Reporter for different databases.
      PRD 8.1 [868.7 MB]
      PRD 8.0 [666.0 MB]
    • Pentaho Metadata Editor – Grant access and model (physical and business) on how to query your data.
      PME 8.1 [861 MB]
      PME 8.0 [836.5 MB]
    • Pentaho Aggregation Designer – Specify mondrian cube aggregations.
      PAD 8.1 [26.3 MB]
      PAD 8.0 [25.6 MB]
    • Pentaho Schema Workbench – Edit your mondrian cube.
      PSW 8.1 [31.3 MB]
      PSW 8.0
      [84.4 MB]
    • Big Data Plugin
      BDP 8.1 [629.5 MB]
      BDP 8.0 [619.8 MB]

Sound like its time for discovery.