Pentaho Index

This is a selection of articles documenting installation and usage of Pentaho CE tools through the years specially until version 6.x. There are differences with current version but they still can be read as a general guide.

Section I: Process Data

  1. If you can only learn one tool, this is it: Install Kettle (ETL)

Section II: The Web Server

  1. Install the Pentaho BI Server (Community Edition).
  2. Update add ins and add Saiku ,Pivot4J and CTools through the marketplace.
  3. Grant access to your Users
  4. Special Notes on Server Configuration.
    – Customize The Pentaho 5.x Look
    – Prepare your Production’ Server
  5. Migrations: 5.1 to 5.2  (first jackrabit backup/upload)

Section III: Your Database

  1. Modify the web server to use your local installation of MySQL
  2. Set up your MySQL Database and Migrate the Demo Data.
  3. If you want to govern your data then install and use
    the Pentaho Metadata Editor to control access and model queries

Section IV: Reports and Dashboards

  1. Set up and use the Report Designer
  2. Use the Dashboard Editor:
  3. Bubble Report
    Used: BI Server, SQL Query, Report Designer with a Bubble Graph. Parameter interfacing.
  4. Bullet Graph Dashboard
    Used: BI Server, PDI Datasource (ETL), MDX & SQL DataSources. CDE Dashboard creation. Bullet Graph -Stephen Few- Widget. CSS modification. Variable value interfacing.

Section VI: Multidimensional Analisys

  1. Install Mondrian Schema Editor to create your OLAP models
  2. Install Pentaho/Mondrian Aggregation Designer to add summaries to frequent data.

Section VII: Data Analisys

  1. Install Weka