Time to Update BI Tools

It’s time to test what has open source developers had worked hard to achieve in 2021 and let us play with the new version of:


On august 02 Pedro Alves published on his blog that Pentaho 9.2 was available.

You can download the BI server, the ETL client tool (PDI/Kettle), report designer, the metadata editor to build the query models for your users, and for your multidimensional database the schema designer and aggregation designer.

Project HOP

There is also an ETL in its 0.9 version for testing.


On my previous post Knowage 8.0, could be run from containers downloading a docker compse scrip tfrom Github, but you can try to download its binaries from a low bandwidth link here 8.0 RC. There is also a 7.4 documentation.



The latest version is [0.70] (April 2021). It seems like a promising ETL tool.


(Latest) Main features:

  • Dark Mode
    [Menu] Tools > Look & Feel Tab, click on ‘Dark Mode’ checkbox. Restart
  • Kettle Importer!
    File > Import from Kettle/PDI
    Browse to your Kettle folder for a .ktr file
    Select in field ‘Import in Project’: default
    Click on ‘import’
    Open your workflow that should be on your ‘./hop’ folder as .hpl files
  • Git Diff on the HOP Gui

To run your own HOP:

  1. Use a Docker container:
    $ docker run apache/incubator-hop
  2. Or install HOP
    Requirements: java 8, Java 11

Start it with:


  • To see an example:
    File > Open
    Browse to: ./hop/config/projects/samples/transforms
    Double click on on a file
  • To start a new ‘workflow’:
    File > New > Pipeline
    File > New > Workflow
  • The following is a Kettle transformation migration to a HOP pipeline:


  • It feels weird thatwindow dialogs are open on any click, it takes time to get used to.
  • You can still edit the .hpl as an XML file like Kettle/PDI 🙂
  • Files are stored in the default folder:
  • In a transformation import, I lost fields information on Excel Step. It might be that config pages are set differently.