Pentaho v3.8-4.8


These articles are about the Pentaho BI from versions 3.8 to 4.8.
For the time being (Nov 2013) these are the ones I recommend using because version 5.0 implements a ‘database repository (Jackrabbit)’ and it really messes datasource and program updates with import/output steps that are not clear yet (you can check the Pentaho forums).
And it’s released tools (PDI, PME, PRD) are not backward compatible.
Don’t let the beautifull blue design lure you into migration, its not time yet.

These are notes about Pentaho BI community edition (CE) Suite. Each page contains instructions, reference links and tips to start using these great open source projects.

  1. Install the Pentaho BI Server
  2. Modify databases to MySQL. Add your Database too.
  3. Set Up New Add-Ins Like Saiku
  4. Add your Users
  5. Prepare your ‘Production’ Server
  6. Install PDI/Kettle and Agile PDI in a Development Environment
  7. Install Pentaho Design Studio
  8. Install Mondrian Schema Editor
  9. Install Pentaho Metadata Editor
  10. Install Report Designer
  11. Install the Dashboard Editor
  12. Install Pentaho/Mondrian Aggregation Designer
  13. Additional tools
  14. Install Weka

These are upgrade instructions:

  1. Pentaho 4.5 4.8– Tools Update
  2. Pentaho CE 4.8 – BI Server Update

On each post links were offered to study simple and advanced cases for each tool. Two step by step examples are offered for interagtion beetween applications:

  1. Bubble Report
    Used: BI Server, SQL Query, Report Designer with a Bubble Graph. Parameter interfacing.
  2. Bullet Graph Dashboard
    Used: BI Server, PDI Datasource (ETL), MDX & SQL DataSources. CDE Dashboard creation. Bullet Graph -Stephen Few- Widget. CSS modification. Variable value interfacing.

19 thoughts on “Pentaho v3.8-4.8

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  2. Hi!
    First of all, thanks so much for your hard work to write your blog.
    A few days trying to create a new template based on the saiku_small.prpt for the report to use it saiku-reporting. Set saiku adhoc using the script

    The Internet is not found instructions on how to create templates for saiku-reporting. Tried to replace the logo saiku in the template saiku_small.prpt on a different logo, after I saved in Pentaho Report Designer the edited file saiku_small.prpt and uploaded it to the folder pentaho-solution/system/saiku-adhoc\resources\templates. In the editor saiku reporing I chose the template saiku_small, but the application is an error HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request.

    Also strange is that if I open the template saiku_small.prpt in the editor Pentaho Report Designer and store it without changes, then this template can also not be used.

    Any ideas how to edit the standard templates saiku?

  3. nice guide blog.
    but have you an example for a drillthrough dashboard CDE which it can open another file
    so if i click A bar Chart object it can open another Chart with a paramater from the chart before


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  5. Hello! I want to upgrade from 4.8 to 6.0. I know it can not be done directly but through 5.x.x
    Do you have any step-by-step tutorial to do so? I found official tutorials from 5.x.x to 6.0 but nothing from 4.8 to 5.x.x community edition.

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi gabriel,

      Im copying this answer from another post:

      I haven´t done such a big upgrade but 4.8 to 5.0 was a big change, I didn’t notice big changes with 6.x, but got bored with exporting and importing work from the repository and checking what no longer worked.
      I dont have a test suit for BI.
      I guess it will take you a couple of attempts, take note that it works to upgrade not backwards, If you miss something you’ll have to start all over.
      – Look and Feel (depends on what did you change)
      – Marketplace
      – Report migration (easy but some funtions needs tunning)
      – Dashboards (same as above but its harder as library gets depretaded)
      – PDI (easy)
      – Saiku needs tunning
      – .xactions got deprecated
      – You loose the web reporter
      Sometimes will be easy to replace some of your work rather than migrate them.

      You should end with a nicer experience in usability.
      Good luck

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