Mayan EDMS

Mayan Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) is essentially a Document management System. You can upload all types of archives then Mayan offers further processing so you can locate them easily. The system scans a PDFs and extract the text using the Tesseract OCR project so you can do full text searches. For Office documents it uses Libre Office to access their content and shows a preview. For pictures and videos it extracts the EXIF data.

Only one thing can be improved on this beautiful piece of software engineering. Its not functionality as it also provides access control, workflow, resilient document management storage, high data volume capability and is distributed as a complete Python-PostgreSQL open source project. It is a proper guide.

These posts will try to summarize the information I found in the documentation and forum sites of Mayan EDMS, specially the ones from rssfed23 to configure Mayan EDMS as a simplified case management system.