Pentaho 8.2 by Hitachi Vantara is up in

The second release of Pentaho -I’m still not at ease calling it Vantara- that is made every year, has finally came on December 2nd 2018. It almost seems like a Christmas present to BI enthusiast.
Pedro Alves published (link) a summary that list interesting improvements to Big Data functionality, PDI has a Python Executor and a Jupyter (feed) Integration. CDE can also create push-based streaming dashboards. There are lots of improvements to steps, even BA user capabilities and support of OpenJDK 8 JRE in server in these release.
This are the download links. Installation is done by downloading and unzipping.

Pentaho 8.2 
@ SourceForge
BA (Web) Server 1.4GB
Destop tools:PDI (ETL) 1.2GB
PRD (Reports) 1GB
(optional)PAD (Cube Aggregation Editor)
PSW (Cube Schema Editor)
PME (Business Model Editor)

Good visualizations and good ETL transaformations


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