Web Page Testing with Firefox 4.0 (and HTML 5 Dojo Toolkit Data Tags)

We should verify that our new dojo-tagged form example (Demo_Form_v16.html) still works in our automated environment. But Firefox 4.0 no longer have the jssh plugin and firewatir is no longer an option. The watir installation page suggests use of watir-webdriver, which has a runtime dependency on selenium -I’ll have to check this version 2.0 option-.

So we’ll uninstall firewatir and then install watir-webbriver (see detailed install instructions) using the command shell:

$ sudo gem uninstall firewatir
$ sudo apt-get install ruby1.8-dev
$ sudo gem1.8 install watir-webdriver

Now the ruby definition code needs two modifications that you can see in green in the following code: 1) the require and, 2) instantiation of browser (ff):

require 'rubygems' # optional
require 'watir-webdriver'
require 'test/unit'

class TC_recorded < Test::Unit::TestCase
 def test_webpage
  ff = Watir::Browser.new :firefox

Our code won’t run yet, check this for other differences. In our case, our file only needs two more methods to be changed:

  1. ‘.clearSelection’ is now ‘.clear’ in multiselect
  2. ‘.contains_text(,)’ in assertion now drops the error text and becomes .text.include?()

Check the final code ‘demo_form.rb‘ that can be run with:

$ ruby demo_form.rb
Form web page test result

Form web page test result

watir-webdriver seems faster than firewatir and you can test against chrome as well, I like the new tool. Documentation: class list,

Note: Thanks to Al Hoang on a post for fixing ‘mkmf error’ install problem with Ruby on ubuntu, XPlayer for its test article, and Alister Scott for maintaing the watir site.

[Edit May 12th, 2011]

In my Ubuntu 10.04, I just uninstalled Ruby 1.8.7, using synamtic, also installed Ruby 1.9.1 and rubygems andreinstalled rails and click on apply. Result: The watir test works!. So go ahead, upgrade!