Knowage 8 CE

On july 2021 Knowage announced their 8.0 Enterprise Edition. Its a Business analytics application that uses Java 8, Tomcat 8.5 and MariaDB 10.3.


In we can find the 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT for Linux/amd64 that can be run in several containers (hazelcast, knowage-python-docker, knowage-r-docker, knowage-server-docker, mariadb [5.3GB]). Support Docker documents at:

$ git clone
$ cd Knowage-Server-Docker/Knowage-Server-Docker

$ docker-compose up -d

And then open a browser at


The predefined users are:


Use the plus sign icon to add your data source, BIRT or Jasper report .


  • There is a main Menu UI explanation. The Dashboard editing is a lot friendly that the one available in Pentaho CE.
  • EE only features:
    1. Big data connectors
    2. Talend ETL. This is a a show stopper for me. Maybe an open source ETL like PDI, Hop or similar can be connected to use as part of workflows or datasources.
    3. There is also a documentation note that states that cockpit/Charts/GIS creation, that was one big advantage over other open source suites is now only available in EE.
    4. Scheduling seems to be available in CE that was previously restricted to EE, but Email remains EE only.

To delete this playground (and all images) then use:

$ docker-compose down
$ docker rmi -f $(docker images -a -q)

Community Edition

To access the code for the community edition get to the ow2 projects page where you can check the news, documentation and releases.

For Knowage we can find links plus individual applications: