The latest version is [0.70] (April 2021). It seems like a promising ETL tool.


(Latest) Main features:

  • Dark Mode
    [Menu] Tools > Look & Feel Tab, click on ‘Dark Mode’ checkbox. Restart
  • Kettle Importer!
    File > Import from Kettle/PDI
    Browse to your Kettle folder for a .ktr file
    Select in field ‘Import in Project’: default
    Click on ‘import’
    Open your workflow that should be on your ‘./hop’ folder as .hpl files
  • Git Diff on the HOP Gui

To run your own HOP:

  1. Use a Docker container:
    $ docker run apache/incubator-hop
  2. Or install HOP
    Requirements: java 8, Java 11

Start it with:


  • To see an example:
    File > Open
    Browse to: ./hop/config/projects/samples/transforms
    Double click on on a file
  • To start a new ‘workflow’:
    File > New > Pipeline
    File > New > Workflow
  • The following is a Kettle transformation migration to a HOP pipeline:


  • It feels weird thatwindow dialogs are open on any click, it takes time to get used to.
  • You can still edit the .hpl as an XML file like Kettle/PDI 🙂
  • Files are stored in the default folder:
  • In a transformation import, I lost fields information on Excel Step. It might be that config pages are set differently.