Knowage Suite 6.0 CE

I found Spago BI since version 5.1, that is about two years ago. It was a complete Open Source BI sotution, the only one, they said. They were proud of it!. And I was waiting for 5.3 to start a series of posts as they announced amazing changes.

On may 4th @SpagoBI anounced they were starting a #spagobirevolution. The same company (Engineering Group) did an extreme makeover to XU experince and released a comunity edition (CE) and an Enterprise Edition (EE) with a Knowage Brand.

What I have seen is that the CE is an interesting product, somewhat crippled as important functionality like scheduling and MDX calculated fields and more are excluded, but lets hope its cockpit designer, metadata, models and widgets deliver a promising alternative for data exploration.


Check their overview

Visit their site:

Install notes

[Updated on December 14, 2017]
Knowage has twitted about this install guide with instructions for windows, linux and DB migration scripts from 5.x.

[Updated on June 20, 2017]
Prerequisites: You’ll need java.
CE Manual: pdf

  1. Download [1.078GB from ow2] [798mb] from ow2
  2. Open a Terminal, create a folder, unzip its content:
    mkdir knowage6
    cd knowage6
    cp ../dowloads/
    unzip knowage
    chmod 777 ./
  3. An instaler will ask:
  4. a. Open a welcome dialog. click Next
    b. Ask if you accept the license agreement. Do it so an click next
    c. Ask for your preference on a charting library. Accept an click next
    d. Ask for six modules to be installed. If all are selected, Click next
    e. Select a destination folder. I selected HOME$/knowage6 it will create a Knowage-Server-CE
    f. It will ask for your MySql credentials (jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/, user and password).
       it said that two schemas: kwowage-ce and foodmart-demo will be created
  5. The installer will extract the server, the .war files and update the database.
  6. Unselect all and click finish to end the installer.
  7. I had to modify the startup and shutdown scripts to set the correct path to java:
  8. cd /HOME$/knowage6/knowage-Server-CE/bin
    [add your JRE path to the first line like:]
    export JRE_HOME="/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64"
    [save your script and repeat for]
  9. Start your tomcat server:
    cd $HOME/knowage6/Knowage-server-CE/bin/
  10. Start yor browser and set it to:
  11. http://localhost:8080/knowage

You will find examples, enjoy.

If you have problems with the server you can check your ./logs folder.

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